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Cinnabon Bakery Restaurant in Lahore

Are you on the hunt for the ‘world’s best cinnamon roll? Well, look no further. Cinnabon is here to take you on a delicious journey where you will get to experience the perfect cinnamon roll. This heavenly bakery came into being on December 5, 1985, at Sea Tac Mall. Now it is operational all around the world. Since it opened its doors in Pakistan, it has become everyone’s go-to bakery because the quality being offered is top notch and the taste is one of a kind.

The most scrumptious baked goods you will have

Made with the special Makara cinnamon, and topped with sweet cream cheese based frosting, the classic cinnamon roll is a top choice. But there are several other variations available. There is the minibon, chocobon for the chocoholic in you, chocobites, pecanbon, pecanbites, cinnabon stix, cupcakes, and cinnabon bread pudding.

Just a whiff of these heavenly delights will make you smile. The taste of freshly ground cinnamon combined with the softest, melt-in-your-mouth bun will make you feel as if your life is complete. Whether you want a break from all those cramming sessions before mid-terms, or are looking to relax after a long hard day at work, Cinnabon is your best bet. This is what true comfort food looks like. It also makes the perfect cheat day meal.

You can also get breakfast, sandwiches, and paninis at Cinnabon. Sandwiches include the shredded BBQ beef and the Cinnabon club sandwich. In Paninis they have beef & cheddar, and chicken & cheddar. The breakfast menu offers sausage, egg, & cheese sandwich, sausage bites, and Belgian waffle.

Addicted to Coffee? Then this might interest you

The menu is not limited to baked goods alone. There is whole lot of coffee too. There is espresso, caffe Americano, caffe latte, cappuccino, caffe mocha, caramel macchiato, iced latte, iced mocha, and iced caramel macchiato. So if your morning, day, or night is incomplete without some caffeine, get your daily fix right here at Cinnabon. Other beverages include chilliattas, lemonattas, MochaLatta chill, hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and tea and herbal infusion.

Be the best gift-giver in town!

Cinnabon offers an amazing variety in ‘Cinnapacks and cupcake boxes. So you no longer have to search for the perfect gift. What more could a person ask for if we gift them goodies from Cinnabon! We know we’d be truly ecstatic just at the sight of some goodies from Cinnabon.

If you are a human reading this, then we are sure that you are salivating at this very moment. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on these warm and gooey rolls of bliss just because you can’t drive all the way to Cinnabon. So to delve into the cinnamon-y goodness, all you gotta do is order from Cheetay! Just visit the website or download the Cheetay app to get your hands on the most scrumptious, mouthwatering, and heavenly cinnamon rolls ever.