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No matter how many Burgers, Pizzas, Pasta,chinese, or any other cuisines we try and love, we always come back to our roots. And by roots we mean our beloved desi food. And to be fair, none of these international dishes can compete with the allure of Pakistani cuisine. Scintillatingly rich flavours, an amazing blend of spices and the vibrant visual appeal of each dish makes you salivate and drool. So it’s really important that we have our go-todesi food restaurantsnarrowed down for the days when desi food is the only thing that is on our minds. One place that is a clear winner in such a scenario isChatkhara Restaurantin H block, DHA. Everything on the menu is so good that you will forget about all the other places.Breakfast of championsThechatkhara special nashta menuis something every desi food enthusiast should try. Their halwa, puri, beef and chickennihari, murgh channay, channay koftay, sada channay, and anda channay are perfect in the true sense of the word. You will enjoy these breakfast specials to the fullest and forget your basic eggs and toast for sure.Chatkhara special BBQ MenuThis menu is a real treat. Some of the items include mutton boneless, mutton kebab, beef kebab, chicken gola kebab, chicken pasha, chicken khamiri boti, chicken behari boti, beef dhaga kebab, degi chargha steam roast, chicken piece, chicken reshmi kebab and so many other dishes that you would want to order everything. Everything from the spices to the texture of the food is on point. Every bite will melt in your mouth right away, leaving behind a joyful flavour that you won’t easily forget.Forget about ghar ka khanaBecause everything that you normally eat at home, is served here and it is so much tastier. (No offence to all our lovely mommas). Not that home cooked food isn't good, but sometimes we just want to eat the same food cooked by someone else because everyone has their own unique way of cooking. You’ll be surprised at the range of dishes they serve. You can get kari pakora, karelay, bhindi, koftay, sabzi, sada daal mash, aaloo qeema, nehari, daal chana fry, achar gosht, palak gosht, and all other awesome dishes that we’ve grown up eating and loving.All this food is made even more special with freshest off the tandoor naans and rotis. The variety ranges from plain naans to naans with fillings like aloo wala naan, mutton wala naan, chicken wala naan, cheese naan, and qeemay wala naan.Now if you wish that all this glorious food could reach you without you having to leave your house. Then we have only one thing to say. Your wish is our command. That’s right. Cheetay will be your genie. Order whatever you want by visiting the Cheetay website or by downloading the Cheetay app. And then just wait for our riders as they make sure the food reaches your table.