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Chaska Maska in Lahore has Cheetay as its Food Delivery Partner

Chaska Maska Restaurant has an exotic Shinwari Cuisine close to all desi food lover’s hearts. From grilled, barbequed and tandoori to sauteed and steamed, it has a variety in its menu. Now that it is on Cheetay, you can add any type of dish that you like to your cart and get food delivered immediately!

Barbequed Food from Chaska Maska’s Exotic Menu

The aromatic smell of Spicy Mutton Chops with roghani, garlic or kalongi naans is so tempting that you crave to taste more of it. Order the hot Chapli Kebabs made from chunky minced beef with cubes of tomatoes and green chilies that give it an added tangy and spicy taste. A green chili fan can have Chicken Haray Bharay Kebabs with raita and crunchy fresh salad.

If you like creamy charcoaled chicken then get Chicken Malai Boti to enjoy a symphony of flavours and textures that the essence of Punjabi Spices captures. For cheese lovers, Chaska Maska has Chicken Cheese Gola Kebab and Malai Boti. This, with the right balance of spices, teases your taste buds when to take a bite of the kebab with melted cheese flowing from it. Meat on skewers is another option and if you get the juicy succulent silken textured kebabs on them then there is nothing better to have!

Desi Gravies and Curries with an Afghani Twist

For curries, Chaska Maska has spicy Jalfrezi and Madrasi, richly flavoured Ginger Chicken, chili Green Chicken, creamy Chicken White and Chicken Makhni that can be devoured with naans and raita. Or you can have gravies such as Achari, Makhni and White Chicken cooked in woks. The succulent chunks of Chicken dipped in these curries and gravies, and garnished with coriander, grated ginger and slices green chilies are an appetizing option for you.

Choose your favourite Afghani cuisine dishes with a desi twist from Chaska Maska at Cheetay and enjoy all the grand feast!