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Charsi Tikka in Lahore Now Has its Presence at Cheetay Too!

Looking to have some dishes from the Afghani Cuisine? If yes then, Charsi Tikka has a variety of dishes to offer. From Namkeen Seekh Tikka, Dum Pukht, Balochi Saji, barbequed chicken or mutton and curries, your palate has everything to satiate your cravings for meat. Charsi Tikka has partnered with Cheetay for you to get all this delivered at your table.

Mouth-watering Charsi Tikka Menu

Nothing is better than the aroma of generously salted tikkas cooked slow in its own fat on skewers. The tender and juicy botis or chicken pieces dipped in mint raita melt into your mouth the moment you take a morsel. Balochi Dum Pukht, that is, lamb with bone marrow cooked on low flame in its own juices, is another specialty eaten with gusto. You can also eat Sajji, that is a whole lamb or chicken roasted on coals. This is marinated with special papaya paste, red chili, lemon juice, garlic and ginger paste, salt. It becomes a meal when you devour it with stuffed rice.

Afghan Cuisine is incomplete without rice. It has the famous Afghan Pulao consisting of steamed rice, chunky lamb botis, shredded carrots, sweet raisins and more. Eat it with Namkeen Chicken or the legendry mutton Shinwari and Sulemani Karahi. These dishes are pan-cooked with fresh tomatoes, spices and herbs. The lamb chunks are cut from sheep’s rump and glazed with sparing amounts of coriander, green chilies and shredded ginger.

Essential Sides with the Main Dishes

Charsi Tikka’s home delivery does not only contain spicy handis and smoked barbeque, it also has kalongi and afghani naans coming straight from the tandoor. These dipped in curries or eaten with charcoaled meat bring out the flavours that are hard to resist.

So, if you are a meat lover and wish to have what Charsi Tikka offers you then hop onto Cheetay and feast on it right away!