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Chai Avenue Restaurant in Lahore

Chai Chahiye? So we figured. Our country’s manic obsession with tea is unstaggering. Wherever you go or whatever you do, tea is a mandatory fixture in every social gathering, event, lunch or wherever people converge for any purpose. People really do not care if it’s scorching hot outside or exceedingly humid. Even amidst the heat and humidity we all push through with our simmering cups of tea. There literally isn’t anything that can stop us from having our daily dose of tea, which again is quite a lot.

We’re basically like hobbits where after every meal, breakfast and snack time or for whatever reasons tea is always served since it’s more like a permanent fixture and is without a doubt the holy grail of hot beverages. Tea made by local dhabas is and mostly remains unmatched since we have mastered the art of making tea. A simmering cup of utter bliss that rejuvenates your senses and invigorates your taste buds. You need a beverage to freshen up your day or just get you out of a rut, whether it’s the Monday blues, or if you’re feeling sleepy or just plain tired.

If you’re ever in the mood to have the best tea along with snacks that satisfy your food cravings then Chai Avenue is the place for you. You hardly see places dedicated for tea lovers which just doesn’t only serve tea but different variants and flavours of tea. Chai Avenue boasts a very tantalizing menu where you can have a variety of different blends and renditions of tea such as masala chai, chocolate chai, doodh pati, zafraani chai and karak chai. Moreover, they also have coffee and cold coffee on their menu which again comes in different flavours for you to choose from such as latte , mochaccino, mocca, iced chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and vanilla! Smoothies and shakes bhi hain!

Jee kuch aur chahiye ho tou yahan aur bhi bohat kuch hai, they have starters like tex mex fries, chicken tenders and hail caesar to work up your appetite. If you really want to have a proper meal they have an assortment of sandwiches and pizzas which will ensure you’re reasonably full after you’ve had it. Their delectable sandwiches are a must have which are smothered with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and special sauces which make it all the more flavorful.

Their pizzas are also worth trying! Their chicken fajita and tikka pizzas are mouthwatering treats for anyone to enjoy. See we’re sure you’re reasonably hungry by now. After this much talk about food, you know what you should do? Let’s make it very easy for you. Grab your phone and download our App and place the order. Or go to our website and order! See it wasn’t that difficult now was it. You can sit back and relax and order whatever tickles your fancy. No need to drive all the way to either pick up your order or dine in. Our cheetahs will make sure your order is delivered to your doorstep!