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  • I ordered fettuccine pasta and it was disgusting! We also ordered anti pesto salad and it was not fresh at all!!!!! Also they said a huge basket of fries and I have to say that it was even smaller than mcdonalds small fries. In addition to that the drink I had ordered had too much sugar!!! Pathetic indeed! Money down the drain!
  • The food was not upto the mark. I requested from samdwich section but i got almost all strips and chicken pieces. Should have explain thiroughly. Food quality was just ok.

Cafe Zouk Restaurant in Lahore

Have you ever given thought to what your favourite restaurant is? Which names pops up in your mind? I’m sure we have all mulled over which restaurants are the best and which ones can be our favourite. Well since it is quite challenging to pick and choose just one because let’s be realistic here, there are great places out there that provide the audience with quality food and experiences. There isn’t a shortage of high-end gourmet eateries in Lahore which have a diverse menu offering you a variety of different cuisines, dishes, and desserts but if you had to pick one what would it be?

We all have different tastes when it comes to food, but there are always a few places which are unanimously loved by everyone. The one place where you can’t find fault regarding their food and menu. That place for sure can be none other than Cafe Zouk. It’s been around for ages and never has the number of its customers dwindled. Instead, hoards of people flock to eat there despite it being not a very spacious place. No one can contest or even question the quality of their food. Anything you order will scintillate your palette since their menu has everything your mind can think of. This isn’t just any run of the mill place where you have an extensive menu and an array of items and cuisines only to find out the dish you ordered isn’t palatable or tastes ridiculously bad. Most places have numerous items and cuisines on their menu, but hardly anyone can promise consistent quality and taste throughout every item on the menu.  You can randomly pick any dish from their menu whether it is Thai, Italian, Continental, Burger, Sandwich, soup, salad, pizza or whatever tickles your fancy, it will not only be worth it but the exquisite taste, immaculate cooking techniques will make you salivate and appreciate gourmet cuisine at its finest.

The only problem you can face there is that the place is always full or pre-booked. If you don’t mind being on a waiting list, then it’s up to you, but there are convenient ways to still be able to eat their food. Since it’s on M M Alam road, parking will be a huge hassle. Well don’t you worry; we’re here to remedy that. Whenever you’re in the mood to have lusciously smooth Thai chicken noodles, stuffed chicken breast, chicken fettuccini alfredo, Thai chicken cashew nuts, roast chicken sandwich, honey mustard wings, roast beef cheese sandwich, mozzarella steak, you can order from Cheetay. Yes, you heard it right, it’s so very convenient. All you have to do is log on to our website and place your order. We have an even better proposition for you, just download our App, and you can access their entire menu on your cell phone and place your order. Whether you’re in the mood for dessert, steak, burger or pasta, just pick your dish and place the order. Wherever you live in Lahore, our riders will be there to deliver your order hot and fresh in the wink of an eye.