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Buzkash Restaurant in Lahore

Lahore is a great city to be in for food lovers. You know why? Because all the international cuisines can be found in one city. The newest cuisine taking the city by its reign is central Asian cuisine, offered by the Buzkash restaurant in Lahore. Now we understand you may be sceptical at first about what is central Asian cuisine, what it tastes like etc. But you will never know until you brave it and taste it and you will find that it has dishes very similar to Pakistani cuisine.

So to all our food lovers out there, it’s time you try some delicious Central Asian food that Buzkash has to offer. You can try their chicken karahi from the Khyber Pass, Kabuli pulao filled with raisins and carrots, lamb karahi from Churchills picket, afghan chatni, lamb dumpukht or chicken kebabs all cooked in Central Asian spices. And these are just some of their popular dishes. Their menu is much bigger than this. You can try their tabbouleh salad for starters dripped in olive oil or a classic chicken and artichoke salad. For main course, you can try their lamb shank or salted grilled chicken with a dodae (naan) such as the afghani naan with till or traditional naan with kalongi, roghni and garlic. So don't think too much or dwell on this. Try a new cuisine and immerse yourself into a whole new world of food coma!

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