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  • I ordered Butlers Pesto Chicken Salad. The seasoning was too much that it was dripping. I couldn't even finish the bowl.
  • Not as good as it was when I tried it in cafe. The fries weren't fresh thou.
  • Not as thick as it was in cafe but still enjoyed.

Butlers Chocolate Café Lahore Delivering Food Through Cheetay

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe has premium confectionery and savory dishes lined up at Cheetay! With a wide range of Butler’s Signature Hot Chocolate and other Sweet Treats along with savoury Italian and American dishes, it has a delightful carte du jour for you to choose from. So, pick and add to cart according to your mood.

Tempting Desserts for Your fondness of Sweets

A thick and frothy milkshake made from rich cocoa beans and scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled over is worth ordering. Or a Hot chocolate from Butler’s made from original chocolate and cocoa powder with maple syrup poured on top could be chosen too. You can also have a Hot Chocolate Molten Lava Cake with scoop of vanilla Ice Cream.

Scrumptious Food to Make You Drool

When looking to have Italian dishes, get penne pasta consisting of peppers, mushrooms and olives baked in garlic cream and cheese. You can also devour a pan-fried penne pasta filled with parmesan, sundried tomatoes and jalapenos served with crispy garlic bread. Butler’s Chocolate Cafe’s menu has a Special Pasta dish for you too! You can eat the chewy grilled chicken with mushrooms, pine nuts cooked in garlic and cream. If you want the Grilled Chicken to be the centerpiece of the dish you wish to relish then order a steak stuffed with cheese or a Chicken Breast piece filled in with cheese, jalapenos and sundried tomatoes presented with fries and a Green Leaf Salad. To just have salad in your meal, order the Mediterranean one that has vegetables with Balsamic Dressing and Feta Cheese.

When looking for a sandwich to eat, order a toasted Panini stacked with Classic Chicken, mushrooms and mozzarella. A sweet chili sauce is put in it to add to its flavour.

So, order to let Cheetay deliver your food at affordable prices from Butler’s Chocolate Cafe while you prepare to eat!