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  • your chicken cheese burger is very bad .burger ma door door Tak cheese ni ha .boht galat bt ha .next time I don't think k ma ap k restaurant. sy kuch order Karo .bad in quality and bad in taste ????????
  • Nice
  • Ordered the Azadi deal.First it comes very late as usual with cheetay and second the quality, quantity of the food was awfully pathetic the burgers are kind of a joke nothing inside a very slim thin Patty inside of so-called chicken an beef written in deal a large fries however got 5 to 8 fries.and for that pathetic food I have paid 500 if I knew it I won't gonna pay 150 for that. Pl. all beware of these tugs...
  • I order 8:15 pm and got call from rider on 11:58 plz recieve ur order after almost 4 hours just 2 rolls order came at my place it was wrost experience
  • nice service n very cooperative staff.Guys u must give it a try.Their burgers are absolutely scrumptious.
  • Amazing Taste, Loved it. Keep it up.
  • torturous beef burger in the Cheetay deal.
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