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Burger King’s Burgers and Cheetay’s Delivery

A juicy flame-grilled/fried patty stuck between soft sesame seed buns along with freshly cut veggies, mayonnaise and pickles is the most exciting meal of the day. This kind of a burger is typically called a Whopper that only exists in Burger King’s menu. A fast food fan can never live without a serving of such high quality food. The interesting bit is that you can now get Burger King delivered from Cheetay with a single click!

Categories of Burgers at Burger King

Burger King’s menu consists of two scrumptious categories of burgers. Its Flame Grilled Burger category has Original Whoppers and Double Whoppers made up of savoury grilled beef patties and sliced vegetables. Double Decker Chicken Tikka Burger that is made with tender tikka patty, a zesty sauce and vegetables on a warm sesame bun. It is value for money as it fills you up with its classic combination of ingredients. If steak is your only choice when eating out then opt for Hot & Spicy Steak Burger, Original Steak Burger that is made with thick grilled beef patties. A Big King is a mouth-watering combination of meat with melted cheese, a saucy dressing and crunchy vegetables all under the toasted sesame bun.

The second category of Crispy and Tender Burgers is actually a string of Chicken Burgers. You can either ask for a tender grilled Chicken Whopper or a TenderGrill Chicken Burger that makes an amazing combination with buns and vegetables. Tender chicken burgers not only include these but also the Original Chicken Steak Burgers and Spicy Chicken Steak Burgers. The former is a simple chicken steak while the latter is a spiced up chicken fillet with buns and vegetables on either sides. If you are in a mood to have a towered crispy chicken burger, then go for Chicken Big King. However, if you like it to be longer then get a 7” Long Chicken burger that has golden deep fried fillets in it.

The Sidelines at Burger King

A piping hot meal served with sides is the best offer Burger King can give to you. It not just has your most desired crispy potato French Fries but also Onion Rings, Chicken Fries and Nuggets. You can eat them with sweet and tangy dips that you can get in unlimited quantity. The most appetizing is the crunch outside that brings about a fluffy treat on the inside.

Do you think that size matters when it comes to sidelines and the main meal? They do, if you are on a thin budget or you are around children promising to stay well-mannered only if they have Burger King. With varying Burger King menu prices, you have Budget bites available that consist of Medium French Fries, Regular Onion Rings and Nuggets. Turn your online order into a meal with Whopper Jr. and Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger and drinks of your choice.

Burger King promotes a great food experience to all; whether you a child or an adult. This is new burgers come about every now and then. Its ultimate signature recipes and its excellent food delivery partner, Cheetay’s efficient resources make you jazz up your world!