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  • The best burger. ??
  • never went to any burger since i had Burger Hub... Beef lovers its Emperor for Chicken Lovers it King 4 a Day
  • the emperor is just too much to handle, i'm not going to hardees or burger king ever again, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Order Your Favorite Burgers from Burger Hub Restaurant in Lahore at Cheetay

What is the ultimate perfect burger? Is it a double beef patty burger drenched in buffalo sauce? Or a smoked chicken breast grilled to perfection with layers and slices of melted cheese on top? Or how about a beef patty wrapped delicately in a strip of turkey bacon, topped with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms and smothered in barbecue sauce? You see, the thing is the perfect burger is different for different people – some like it spicy, others like it cheesy while some like it tangy with a dash of honey vinegar. But no matter how you define your perfect burger, it all starts with fresh and delicious ingredients.

The Perfect Burger

You see, it isn’t rocket science to build a burger. But to build the burger that’s perfect for you, you’ve got to have the right ingredients and all fresh too! For example, the patty has got to be juicy; the buns have got to be soft but not too soft that they break into smaller bits and pieces. The sauces have got to taste right or else the world will fall apart. The vegetables should be cut right, and they should be fresh from the market. And the cheese oh don’t get us started on the cheese! It must be warm but not too hot, melted to just the right consistency but never too liquidy or too solid. So, now that we’ve established the parameters of what goes into the perfect burger, where can you find all of this? Ladies and gentlemen, Burger Hub in Lahore is known for its burgers and starters like tangy wings, hub basket, fiery wings, onion rings and potato wedges. You can have their most popular burgers like the Emperor with two large beef patties and double cheese slices or the mushroom melt burger with sauteed mushrooms, covered in hot melted cheese. If you like it even more meatier, then The Americano with two smoky beef patties, two cheese slices and a strip of turkey bacon is for you. If you’re more of a chicken person, then the Cajun juicy whole chicken breast covered in special Cajun salsa is for you or the hub crispy with a whole chicken breast covered in crispy batter. You can also try their carne jalapeno burger if you like it hot, or the Greek burger with some feta cheese. If you want to play it safe, you can always just get the grilled tortilla wrap with the special hub sauce or the el Classico beef burger. Trust us, these are just the few of the options from their endless menu so why not have a look!

Deliver from Burger Hub in Lahore

If you want the perfect burger while you’re stuck at work during lunch hour, or at home with no car, or at a friend’s house watching a movie, then you don’t need to come to Burger Hub and waste your time. Instead, Burger Hub will come to you. With the Cheetay food delivery service, you can get your burger fresh and fast. You don’t need to come all the way to M M Alam Vogue Towers to get your burger from Burger Hub, especially if you’re all the way in Johar Town or Defense. Instead, Cheetay will bring you your burger no matter where you are. So download the Cheetay app now and order away!