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Order Online at Bundu Khan Bakers in Lahore via Cheetay

Bundu Khan is a household name with its branches spread all over Lahore. While Bundu Khan has many ventures, including continental, desi food, dine in and mithai, their baked items are perhaps the best in their array of indulgences. With a promise of freshness and quality, Bundu Khan bakers is giving the other bakeries a run for their money. With their recently opened branches in main areas, we know that their bakery offerings are quite competitive in terms of quality.

Bread galore

While their regular white bread is a hot seller, Bundu Khan bakers also offer a veriety for the various niches. Whether you are on a diet, have diabetes or gluten allergic, Bundu Khan bakers have the solution for all your worries. The bran bread is a local favourite and available in both large and small loafs at an economical price. Their milky, multigrain and coconut breads are a departure from the usual flavours found in other bakeries and the thin sandwich bread is slightly larger in size to make tasty sandwiches for tea.

An unbelievable variety of cakes

What’s a good bakery without a wide selection of cakes to choose from? We Pakistanis can’t do without cakes and Bundu Khan bakers have the right cake for every occasion and need.. If we desire a buttery tea cake to go with our sham ki chai, Bundu Khan bakers have three varieties in the form of chocolate, plain and fruit cake. If it’s a birthday or just a gift for taking along to someone’s house, Bundu Khan bakers have an assortment of light fresh cream cakes including the ever famous black forest cake, coffee cake, pineapple cake, fruit trifle cake and the bestselling chocolate fudge cake. Since fresh cream is not everyone’s cup of tea, Bundu Khan bakers also have a mouthwatering collection of dry cakes for the sweet tooth including chocolate and almond syrup cakes, simple and lemon cheesecakes, coconut cherry, special pista almond and almond honey cake to name just a few!

Crunchy rusks for daily comfort

Bundu Khan bakers have cracked the code of every Pakistani’s heart; a garam chai ka cup with a toasty rusk to dip into it. They provide cake rusks by weight as well as plain cake rusk slices and round rusks in pre-packed boxes. If the customer is looking for a more decadent rusk then they have round butter rusks and if the customer is weight conscious then they can opt for the bran rusk which is equally toasty and crunchy!

Tear apart buns

Bundu Khan bakers sell the freshest, pull-apart-melt-in-your-mouth buns too and if you are into that kind of luxuries then the indulgent sheermal is sure to hit the right spot! There is also a fruity option in the form of plain fruit buns and fruity sheermals. If you are looking to make juicy burgers at home, then Bundu Khan baker’s light burger buns are an excellent option for you!

Freshly baked biscuits

Bundu Khan bakers have a huge collection of mixed biscuits in packings of 500g and we guarantee you that you will buy them straight off the shelf, for their doughy crumbly aroma wafts towards you as soon as you enter the bakery! You don’t even have to go to the bakery to dive into the indulgent goodies. The Cheetay app and website are just a click away to bring you the experience straight to your couch. So order now!