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  • very tasty cheese burger only in 160 rs. recommended

Buddy's: One Stop Shop for Fast Food in Lahore

Everyone loves a quickly fixed burger, shawarma or wrap. It's really the easiest thing to have when you run out of ideas and options. There's only one thing we all love more than fast food and that's economical prices. So now picture this: you just had lunch two hours ago but are craving a quick snack but have very little money on you. What's the best you can do in this situation? Order food from Buddy's in Lahore. Problem solved.

Buddy's Fast Food Restaurant in Lahore

Located in the heart of Liberty, Buddy's got all your favourite snacks such as crispy hot shots, chicken pieces, shawarmas, hot wings and nuggets. Best part is they've got super economical deals so you can get so much for so little. You can get a chicken cheese shawarma with regular fries and drinks for very little. Don't we all just love getting the value for our money?

Buddy's has even got kids deals so that you can enjoy with your family. However, we understand it can be hard to step out of the house with kids and you’d rather just enjoy a night in. So why not order in Buddy's delicious burgers, wraps and nuggets through Cheetay has got great delivery service, delivers your food warm and you can even track your food while it is being prepared and on its way. Ordering through the cheetay app is even easier so don't think twice. Choose cheetay for delivering food in Lahore now!