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Broadway Pizza Restaurant for Pizza Lovers in Lahore

Let's get straight to the point. Everybody loves pizza. There is no denying a hot and scrumptious, thin-crust, cheesy stringy, sauce dripping slice of pizza. If not thin crust, deep dish pizza is even better with toppings filled to the brink of the pan and each slice a delight of cheesy, saucy, mushroom-y, pepper, chicken-filled haven that lie on top of a pizza slice. Pizza comes in so many flavors that it's good for every single person in the family. Vegeterian? No problem, order a veggie pizza! Hate vegetables? We do too, just stick to a classic cheese pizza. Want some meat? There's plenty to choose from there's chicken fajita, chicken tikka, Mughlai beast, beef peppercorn, beef sausage, smoked chicken, barbecue chicken and so much more! Add your own toppings if you want or have pre-arranged delicious toppings. If you live on the edge of life, you can add pineapples for all we care and we won't judge nor will we argue whether or not pineapples go on a pizza. Because what truly matters at the end of the day is a delicious and warm slice of pizza that fills you up like nothing else.

Broadway Pizza in Pakistan

Now you may be wondering where the best pizza in Lahore is. Have you tried Broadway Pizza in Lahore? Because that might just be the answer to your question. They've got delicious flavors such as Chicago Bold Fold with beef peppercorn, or Poppin BBQ pizza with chicken barbecue, jalapenos and spicy buffalo sauce; or good old dancing fajita pizza and if you're really into meat, then try their wicked blend pizza that's got chicken fajita, chicken tikka and smoked chicken along with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and olives. Yum! Best part is, Broadway pizza has got exciting deals for all times and then midnight deals that are from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am. Who doesn't love a late midnight pizza, right? So whether it's a party of one or a party of 4, get yourself a pizza and don't forget to order their special dipping sauces such as jalapeno ranch, BBQ ranch, garlic mayo ranch and spicy buffalo.

Delivery from Broadway Pizza in Lahore

Of course, we are no way suggesting that you embark on a midnight journey all the way to Y Block DHA to get your favorite slice of pizza. Nor do you have to leave your office or house or school or college if you are craving pizza for lunch. Or if you are watching a movie with friends and just want to order in a full pizza. There is a very simple solution for you to stay where you are and let the pizza come to you. It's called Cheetay delivery services. Simple as that. Cheetay delivers around the clock from anywhere in Lahore to anywhere in Lahore. So if you're craving Broadway Pizza but are all the way on Mall Road or Johar Town, let cheetay deliver the pizza to you.