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  • The Bombay biryani was delicious. The masala dosa had good masala but the dosa didnt travel well. Quick delivery, arrived on time. Would order again.

Desi Snacks and Food for Lahoris

Desi food and snacks have a certain tangy flavor that no amount of mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, tacos, quesadillas, prawns and garlic bread can ever have. A punch and a kick hits you in the stomach as all the spices, sourness and sweetness of the imli unleash themselves on your palate, leaving behind a tingling taste in the back of your mouth. There are only so many sandwiches you can have and Chinese rice before one starts to crave the heavenly taste of chicken cooked in creamy butter with a spicy tarka of all the best spices or a barbecue kebab roll rolled in mayonnaise that soothes the spicy taste of the chicken. In the end, we all just crave desi food because it just hits home. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of having the perfectly prepared chicken biryani, bun kebab, aalo channa chaat or dahi bhalay at home, which is why we have to look for options beyond the door.

Bombay Chowpatty in Lahore

Well, if you are looking to find the best papri chaat, samosa chaat or chicken qeema paratha, then how about checking out Bombay Chowpatty in Lahore? Bombay Chowpatty houses all the desi goodies one can dream of. Whether it’s chaats, kebabs, wraps, dosas, handi, biryani or even meetha, they’ve got all that desi cuisine goodness in pure restaurant style, coz’ let’s face it: nobody enjoys ghar ki chaat or seekh kebab as much as we do from a restaurant. Well don’t fret too much because Bombay Chowpatty will take care of the rest. Allow us to list just some of the delicious snacks and food you can try from Bombay Chowpatty in Lahore.

If you’re not too hungry but want some appetizers or snack to go with your evening cup of tea, then head over to their chaat and dosa corner and select whichever chaat or dosa you want. They’ve got plenty of flavors and varieties so know that you will find a chaat and dosa for yourself. Gujrati puri, dai vara, pani puri, samosa chaat, bhel puri, chicken dosa, special masala dosa and barbecue dosa are just a few that come to mind, but there’s more!

If you’re planning a heavy breakfast or brunch on a lazy Sunday morning, then why not try Bombay Chowpatty’s puri halwa because everyone knows Sundays are halwa puri days. Or you can also have mutton nihari, aalo paratha, channa bhatura and more!

Up next, their wraps! They’ve got anything from as simple as a vara pao or anda paratha wrap to a chicken behari boti wrap and malai boti wrap. Yum! Then there’s a bunch of main dishes such as chicken achari handi, Bombay biryani, chicken ginger handi, pakora kari, channay, tandoori chicken piece, chicken cheese kebab and more stuff like this, so you don’t have to cook at home.

Of course, if you’re still not convinced with desi food and are looking for something other than desi, well we tried to convince you. But worry not, because you can still have delicious Chinese egg fried rice, chicken chowmein, chicken Manchurian and other delicious Chinese gravies, all at Bombay Chowpatty. It really is an excellent place for all!

Order from Bombay Chowpatty in Lahore

Everyone loves eating food from outside and skip cooking. That’s all fine but do we really like going out in the traffic, only to be faced with long lines for the table at the restaurant and then wait some more for the food? No, not really. Nobody enjoys that. Instead, what we do love is avoiding the hassle of getting and preparing the food. Well, how about getting your next chaat or handi delivered through Cheetay because Cheetay delivers from Bombay Chowpatty. Your order will come fresh right to your doorstep. So download the Cheetay app today and tell us, kya chahiye?

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