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Biryani King Restaurant In Lahore

We all love the extra dose of chilli, and a fiery punch on your palate one day or the other. This is one of the staple desi dishes that you can have anywhere and at any time. No one can resist the aromatic splendor of a spicy hot biryani with the best botiyan perfectly spiced and tender and lusciously soft to tantalize your palate and taste buds. The melt in your mouth rice cooked to perfection with the right amount of tang and punch in the dish to whet your appetite for a lot more.

Yes we all love biryani and nothing can undermine our affection for the pure brilliance of what a fresh plate of biryani provides. The best desi food to have when you really can’t decide on what to eat is a hot plate of biryani with succulent pieces of meat that melt in your mouth and give you the punch of chilli and the zesty tang you so crave. The only thing you should ask yourself is kya chahiye? We’ve made it very simple for you! It is Biryani King!

Biryani Delivery from Biryani King Faisal Town

From the bevy of biryani joints in Lahore, Biryani King is one the best options which isn’t too heavy on your pocket either! Their deliciously hot biryani will not disappoint you, rather you’ll want more. So whether you have family over or want dinner instantly and are just not in the mood to cook, fear not. Just log on to our website and order from the Biryani King restaurant. Wait! There’s more, if not biryani you can order their chicken boti and kebabs, paratha rolls, burgers and sandwiches.

We’ll deliver your order hot and fresh!