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Delivery from Biryani Express is Now Through Cheetay!

Is Biryani on your radar recently? If it is then, get Biryani Express in Lahore to cook a serving for you. This unbeatable food will tease your taste buds and make you want more. So, order through Cheetay and gobble up your food right away!

The Aromatic Biryani Express Menu

A plateful of steaming hot flavourful basmati rice with sizeable chicken botis is a sight that is hard to overlook. It makes your mouth drool. The rich spices fill up the atmosphere with their smell causing your stomach to growl with hunger. A bite of the iconic and spicy combination is invincible. When paired with sides like sour Achar, mint Raita and fresh Salad, the biryani becomes a moment of bliss!

A Biryani Range Worth Considering

Biryani Express has a range of Biryanis at your disposal. You can have the Beef or Mutton Boneless biryani with chucks of tender and juicy meat. If you like the botis to be charcoaled then get a Barbequed Biryani. If a handi styled biryani is your favorite then, enjoy the one with mutton botis. However, a Chicken masala biryani at Biryani Express is the Royal Sindhi Biryani. This is the spiciest as it is cooked with yogurt, tomatoes, lemon juice and spices like star anise, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom. If a biryani is too piquant for you then get some add boiled rice to it. You can increase and decrease the quantity of rice according to your taste palate. If you consider yourself a bit of a vegan then choose Biryani rice without any chicken, mutton or beef botis.

So, get food delivered from Biryani Express at Cheetay and be ready for a peppery, tongue-tingling dish to be served at your table.