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Sumptuous Meals from Big Moe’s Diner are Now Available at Cheetay!

Scroll through to see the appetizers made with Cheese, Potatoes, Jalapeno Peppers, Smoked Chicken, and Nachos. This is presented with salsa, and barbeque sauce, sour cream and chive sauce and Big Moe’s Special Sauce. You can order house veggie salad full of colors and flavours as sidelines or just order a simple Chargrilled Chicken Breast Crunchy Salad with sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, cucumber slices, tomato wedges and olives. This is drizzled with thousand island dressing.

When ordering online for the main menu, choose from a list of beef, chicken, fish and veggie burgers. Big Moe’s Diner is famous for its signature dish that is, Big Moe's Diner-Mite Burger. However, its Classic Chicken Burger, Classic American Burger, Big Moe's Fish Strip Burger and Texan Strip Burger are the next best choice. The diner has a section for kids too. So, without switching to another menu, just select from the crispy chicken strips, juicy beef triangle burgers, tender Kids Texan Burger and cheesy Kids’ Pizza. If you are an Italian food lover, then order Pasta or Spaghetti, Steaks or Ribs.

Big Moe’s Diner Offers Your Favourite Desserts for a Sweet Treat

After deciding from a very filling main course section, add some desserts to your cart at Cheetay. Big Moe’s Diner has chocolate, strawberry and banoffee flavoured waffles; Oreo, Lemon Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Nutella and Chocolate Fudge Cakes and Ice creams for you! So, treat yourself and those around you with sapid meals and deals!