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  • Food was perfect really love it.
  • Food was good but disappointed by the way they fool people by not correctly mentioning their prices. The bill was totally different from the amount that was shown on the app. Will think twice before ordering again.

Bhooka Brigade and Cheetay Ready to Satisfy Your Cravings

Bhooka Brigade is a restaurant that is bent on satisfying your cravings and eliminating your “bhooka-pun”. It promises to give you a unique fast food experience by presenting its menu with a twist. This menu includes not only unusual names but also combination of unusual dishes. This not only is appealing to the eyes but is unusual in taste as well. You can order Bhooka Brigade’s menu online through its most efficient food delivery partner, Cheetay.

Bhooka Brigade’s menu with a twist

Have you thought of what you can eat from Bhooka Brigade? Scroll to see the menu that includes appetizing burgers, delicious wings, cheesy pizza and crispy fries. Order a Chickiza and enjoy the battered boneless chicken piece fried and topped off with special sauces and stringy mozzarella cheese. If you like Burgers more than chicken pieces then go for a Zalim Burger that consists of crunchy chicken with special sauces between the buns. Another option for a delicious meal could be to have Bhooka Brigade’s Pizza. Order a Psycho Pizza with either a Chicken Tikka, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Fajita or Popcorn Chicken flavourings. For extra topping get any of the veggies such as Capsicum, Tomatoes, Olives, Sweet Corn, Jalapeno, Onions and pineapples.

Fascinating Fries on Pizza with Bhooka Brigade

For those who like fries on a pizza base with chicken, cheese and vegetables, they should order a Jangli Pizza online. However, if you think that this will be too heavy for you then get Jangli Fries that have cheese and your preferred veggie. Another option is to have Fries with Bhooka Sauces. These sauces consist of Ranch, that is, a combination of buttermilk, garlic, mustard, herbs and spices with mayonnaise; Honey Mustard, a sweet natural honey mixed in sour mustard; Sochi, a spicy sauce made of hot peppers, garlic and herbs; and The ROB Sauce, a kind of a Bar-B-Q sauce that is given a rich flavour on the grill.

Now that you have read the menu thoroughly along with the type of sauces, hurry and order Bhooka Brigade’s deals and meals online through Cheetay’s android app and enjoy!