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  • Simply wastage of money. Really really pathetic quality. I am pretty much sure seekh kabab are not made with seekh they were fried. Really really worst experiencd...
  • Great as ever
  • Tried the Beef Kebabs ...nice taste as always. Not so keen on the beef tikka though...a bit on the tough side and not as juicy. On the app Beef Tikka was Rs420 but I was billed Rs720 by the rider...which is a ridiculous amount for such a small portion.
Bhaiyya Kebab Restaurant In Lahore, PakistanChoosing to eat the best kebabs in town is difficult since there are so many places you can go to. Everywhere you go you stumble upon a decent dhaba serving barbeque and kebabs. But there comes a time when you really want to have a moist and tender beef kabab which is so melt in your mouth, smooth and perfectly spiced that it fires up your taste buds and sets your palette a blaze. That authentic char grilled flavor which you crave further accentuated by the aromatic spices of the rich marinate is something you so desperately need.Sometimes you really want to have the best kebabs rather than settling for some run of the mill aglee galee walaa dhabay ka khana. Worry not! You can always have Bhaiya Kebabs. Their beef kebabs are renowned for their taste and have been people’s top choice since decades. Not only do they have the most scrumptious kebabs, their Barbeque which includes chicken tikka, chicken piece, malai tikka, mutton kebabs, etc are also to die for.Make sure you log on to our website and go through their menu! Apart from their Beef kebabs you can always try their Afghani Kebabs which are an exotic delicacy. So abhi abhi ja kay order karaain! Ab tou mujhay bhi book lag gaye hai!Just order from Cheetay and the order will be delivered at your door step in a jiffy. So there is no need to get ready and go through the hassle of driving. If you’re with your family or chilling out with friends and want to eat, just order the most delicious kebabs and barbeque in town.