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  • they r selling boiled rice with egg and green onion rather Chineese egg fried or chicken fried rice disappointed with their quality standard
  • on cheetay app rates are high actual rate is 500 for shashlik full size while on cheetay it's 600 n for Jambo it's 700 while on cheetay it's 800 n chicken chowmien it's 400 while on cheetay it's 450
  • Excellent quality abd huge quantity . owner seems a very generous person and watch out sign for big resturants. i think u dont need to go outside and pay 4 times when u can get this at relaxed time home
  • Very good taste Great quantity . Want to eat it again Full marks
  • name says it all, great taste and quantity for great value ????
  • Amazing shashlik, best i ever had
  • This is really tasty shashlik with high quality. value for money .Great quality, quantity and taste in such economical price
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