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16 Ratings
  • Very tasty. Loved them
  • still using newspaper to wrap pathora.for god sake stop using newspaper for packing food stuff
  • Not good for health source of heart attack. cooking oil is looking like Mobil oil
  • Pathetic taste & environment
  • I loved them
  • Classy Pathoray
  • very tastey pathorey
  • Best
  • Delicious Food. Highly Recommended
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Benazir Pathooray Restaurant in Lahore

You know that feeling when you’ve eaten but you still feel empty and incomplete until you have a snack? That feeling you usually get in between lunch and dinner - especially during shaam ki chai ke waqt. And what better snacks to have than the classic fruit chaat, dahi balay and pathooray. Top that with tea and that’s when your inner glutton feels truly satisfied. Because Lahoris love to make a meal out of their tea time.

Benazir Pathooray Home Delivery in Lahore

Benazir Pathooray in Lahore has got your tea time snacks covered. They offer the classic pathooray and variation of chaats like cream chaat at very reasonable prices. They’ve got delicious flavours to complement your tea so you won’t be disappointed. And Cheetay will bring them to your doorstep while they are still fresh as you prepare a hot pot of tea on the stove. Don’t let your tea time be deprived of snacks just because you were too lazy to go out and get dahi balay and pathooray. Let Cheetay bring them to you and complete your meal. So order your favorite Pathooray now with or through the Cheetay app.