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Bamboo Union Restaurant in Lahore

Green, healthy food, exotic beaches, bamboo sprouts, this is what comes to our mind when someone mentions the restaurant Bamboo Union, and not surprisingly, healthy food with exotic flavours is exactly what Bamboo Union has to offer. It is a Pan Asian Fusion restaurant that serves food from all over Asia. The authenticity of the flavors is its specialty. People who enjoy true Asian cuisine will fall in love with this place. People who love to experiment and try new things will also find this restaurant to be their new favourite eatery. Food ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean is served there. So you can very well imagine the many options that are present.

Grab the menu please

Let’s explore the striking menu of Bamboo Union. Some of the most popular menu items at Bamboo Union are the green curry, pad thai with chicken, crunchy honey beef, fiery tempura prawns, sweet and sour special Manchurian, chicken chow mein, beef chili dry, Chinese treasure soup, and red curry. All these dishes are not like your typical ‘desi version of Chinese food’. So if you are someone who appreciates the authenticity of international cuisines, then this must be your lucky day, because Bamboo Union is exactly what you have been looking for.

Nothing competes with a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cool evening and everyone knows that. Similarly, no other restaurant can compete with the soups that you can get at Bamboo Union. They are eclectic yet flavoursome. Especially the Chinese treasure soup, Tum Yum Gaye, Tum Yum Gong, and Tum Kha Gum. The powerful aroma of all the flavours will make you super excited and your taste buds will transport you to some exotic island in Thailand.

If you want something from the noodles and rice menu, then don’t shy away. You will get to choose from Bangkok curry noodle, pad thai with chicken, pad thai with prawn, chicken chow mein, khowsuey, sticky Japanese rice, and many other. They even got your little ones covered. So you won’t have to face any trouble if they are picky eaters. The ‘kiddy bowls’ menu includes a Noodle bowl with chicken and rice with chicken. Simple yet flavorful, it is loved by kids.

Someone who only enjoys a chicken menu will also find that Bamboo Union offers a number of different options for them. They can order the penang curry, union special foo yong, spicy ongbhoo chicken for those who relish spicy food, lettuce wraps with wok-fried chicken, and hot and sour chicken. All these dishes not only taste excellent but are also very aesthetically pleasing. Such refreshing colours instantly bring all the food to life. Just looking at them will arouse your appetite and brighten your day.

Traffic going cray cray? That’s okay!

We are not going to let you get slayed by all the crazy traffic and noise surrounding the city. The constant honking of cars and buses are so deafening that you end up with a headache. So if you want to enjoy a quiet day at home with some really good food, then look no further. Order from Bamboo Union by visiting Cheetay’s website. You can also download the Cheetay app for the fastest food delivery ever.