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  • very very good food I like it ...and deliver In half hour excellent.
  • best
  • It was ok
  • many restaurants offer the same dish, tawa chiken, but arif chatkharaa has its own taste, should be given 10 stars. a true taste of old lahore.
  • got worse...the piece was burn
  • Arif Chatkhara Is Famous For the Spicy Tawa Piece . Don't Order if You can't eat Spicy Food . I love that By the way <3
  • 2.5 hours and still waiting! Extremely poor delivery time!
  • *** Resraurant is good & the taste is amazing BUT the delivery service is slower than a snail. They usually take 2-3 hours (minimum) to deliver you so the food usually is frozen cold.
  • Why there is no option to give you guys zero option. I told you to not get the tawa piece spicy and made it in less spicy but you guys didn't follow the instructions. Highly dissatisfied and really bad experience on the first time use of your services.
  • Bad experience
  • Pathetic experience ! Very very spicy despite clear instructions for "less spicy" order. I could not find the Zero rating otherwise it really deserved the same.
  • Great food, it was delivered in good and hot condition.
  • They do take some time to deliver but it's the best option to get food delivered from a place pretty far from where you reside and does not provide a delibery service
  • The order usually takes 1hr and 30 mins to come and some times the chicken peace is expired
  • good food quality
  • too spicy
  • *** First Experience, turned out bad *** The order was accepted after 50 minutes by the restaurant and was delivered after more than 2 hours, even after calling the customer support center a couple of times. Call center guys told me that I would be given discount on delivery charges because of order getting late, but the delivery guy was not even aware of this. While I waited with my friends, feeling embarrassed, there was no option to cancel the order on site. I also had ordered a 1.5 ltr cold drink along with the food, but the delivery guy was not aware of that either. I explicitly wrote about food to be "Less Spicy Please" but that was not given a thought either. So, may be it was a bad time for me or Cheetay, but I got a bad experience as a first impression.
  • Got delivered on time.. outstanding Quality
  • tasty food
  • Got the excellent tawa chicken delivered by cheetay. Initially the rider forgot to drop the soft drink but he was good enough to come back and deliver it. Great service though delivery time is long.
  • restaurant
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Arif Chatkhara House in Lahore

Piece ho tou aisa! Tight! Aur mazaydaar! Oh please, I am talking about the best tawa chicken piece in Lahore and nothing else. We’ve all tried random tawa pieces from Lahori street dhaabas or even from known up class eateries. But you still sort of feel it lacked the flavorful punch which you deserve or the level of chillis were so overpowering that it set your palette a blaze! You can hardly find a place which offers the perfect balance of that hot rush of chilli with the right amount of sour with a lemony tang. Moreover, most tawa chicken pieces you eat are either drenched in oil, very bland, too hot or too sour for your taste buds to feel the satisfaction you so crave.

Worry not, there is a place you can always turn to for the best chicken tawa piece in Lahore. Yes, it is Arif Chatkhara House, you got that right. The pure brilliance of their moistly tender chicken pieces marinated in a chilli rich yogurt mix makes it even more delicious! Whatever their secret ingredient is you will fall head over heels in love with the brilliance that is their perfectly grilled tawa piece. Apart from that you can always try their tawa qeema which is cooked to perfection in a rich butter tomato gravy.

However, going all the way to ‘Androon’ Lahore can be a hassle in terms of driving plus parking is a serious issue there too. So why change your plans even if you can’t go there. You can always have it delivered at home, fresh and hot. Just the way you like it. Bhai itnee dur tyaar ho kar ab kon jaaye aur itnee khuwaari kyun karain! Going there from DHA or Model Town or Johar Town just makes it too tiresome sometimes. Take a short cut! Log on to, enter your location and place your order or order from our App. Our cheetahs will deliver your order in record time.