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  • Loved the food ! Was hot when delivered . Excellent service.
  • Nice serving and delicious taste. Highly recommended :)
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Best Arcadian Cafe Restaurant In Lahore, Pakistan

There does come a time when you really want to eat a proper angreezi meal. Matlab banda tang ajaata hai tikay kabab kha kha kay. Eating fast food or relying too much on shwarmaas and paratha rolls can take its toll on you. Refining your palette and tantalizing your taste buds is something you ought to do once in a while. There are days when you really want to eat a proper gourmet meal like a deliciously pan seared chicken fillet with crispy skin served with a lusciously smooth herb infused cream mushroom sauce with oven roasted potatoes and vegetables on the side or a perfectly tender beef steak with spinach mousse and baked potato mash, well you get the idea don’t you! Main courses aside, for a complete fine dining experience you really want to go all the way and have soup and desserts too to make it a three course meal.

Fear not, you can always order from Arcadian Café. They have a diverse menu offering a wide array of continental and oriental cuisines. Apart from these you have choices for starters, soups and salads. So whenever you feel like fine dining, log on to our website and choose your order from the menu and eat at home. You can also order from our App which is even more convenient.

Whether you’re in the mood for a deliciously creamy plate of pasta or crave that punch of chilli in a Thai dish or the best Molten Lava Cake. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’re here to deliver and make you happy.

Order now and our cheetas will be there in a jiffy to deliver your order hot and fresh, just the way you like it.