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  • everything was like expired. wierd smell was coming out of food. i disposed all of the food, literally wasted all the money

Arabic Shawarma in Model Town, Lahore

Munching on a delicious Shawarma when you’re deliriously hungry is the best feeling ever. One of the reasons is because it’s quick, convenient and easy to get it. Since it gained prominence in Pakistan a couple of years back, the city is teeming with small shawarma shops in every busy market place. Each one selling their own rendition of the perfect Shawarma. We’ve all had those days when there is nothing good cooked at our homes, or when we don’t feel like eating yesterday’s leftovers so the one thing that runs through our mind is ‘I want to eat shawarma.' But the thing is, we don’t want to eat just any roadside shawarma because taste matters above everything else! We want our shawarma from Arabic shawarma!

All these shawarmas and you’re still hungry?

Arabic Shawarma is famous for their excellent quality shawarmas. They also make roll shawarma, pocket shawarma, and shawarma served on a platter. So you can enjoy it in three different forms. How cool! Whether you are a chicken fanatic or a beef enthusiast, both variations are available.

The shawarma bread is fresh and hot, and the vegetables are crisp and crunchy, with tender and spicy chicken pieces covered in an assortment of tangy sauces! When the searing hot shawarma arrives, you cannot keep yourself from guzzling the entire thing down. The minute you take the first bite into the spicy chicken filled bread, you don’t ever want to put it down. Top it off with an ice cold glass of coke and voila, you are in heaven.

Get your favourite burger from here too

The fun part is that Arabic shawarma has a number of different burger options as well. So if you want a big, juicy, and divine burger, then you have come to the right place. The burgers too, are available in both chicken and beef. And as we all know, a burger is incomplete without french fries, so you get a side of those too. For the fried chicken lover in you, thier zinger burger can be your go-to order. Or just get the oh-so-crispy and tender fried chicken, and have the time of your life.

Basically all your guilty pleasures are found at one place. We know you want to run over there as fast as you can, but since we are here, you don’t need to worry. Let your inner foodie take comfort in the fact that Cheetay has got your back. Whatever you need and wherever you may need it, Cheetay will be there. So all you have to do is visit Cheetay’s website to place the order. Or just download the Cheetay app, and get your piping hot food now!