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Inferno Shawarma Restaurant in Lahore

Ever had one of those days where you just had lunch or dinner but after half an hour, you start to feel hungry again. Not because you are “hungry hungry” but because what you ate wasn’t exactly your favourite meal. So you open your fridge like ten times and longingly stare inside, in hopes of finding some cheese laden pizza or maybe some leftover fried chicken. Next you move onto the kitchen cabinets and empty them out in search of some snacks but to no avail. There is nothing worth munching because your siblings were way ahead of you. Disappointed, you decide to give up. All of a sudden, you have this light-bulb moment, and decide that at this very moment, shawarma is the only thing that will make you happy. For such days, Inferno Shawarma will help you out.

So what’s the menu of Inferno Shawarma?

Unlike other Shawarma places, Inferno Shawarma offers a variety of different flavours. You can have the typical desi shawarma that all of us love or if you want something different, then get the Lebanese shawarma, which is a must-try if all you have been eating is the desi rendition. Nicely marinated chicken in a fusion of spices and yogurt, with sliced onions and cucumbers, wrapped in a fluffy light flatbread. Perfection on a plate! It is light, delicious and easy to eat which makes it perfect for lunch, dinner or even a snack. Another cool option is the fish and chips shawarma, which consists of crispy fish fingers and French fries topped with tartar sauce and wrapped in shawarma bread. It is perfect for those who prefer fish over chicken. Pizza shawarma is also very appetizing. Give us pizza in any shape or form and we'll have it, no questions asked. So very cheesy, meaty and just finger-licking good. Other items on the menu are paratha roll, shawarma platter, and the Lebanese shawarma platter.

Craving some Zinger?

Perfect, because you can get that too at Inferno Shawarma and not just in burger form. There are numerous options like zinger pratha wrap, zinger shawarma, and zinger burger. Their fried chicken is absolutely scrumptious. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy from the inside.

Have some dessert next

You don’t have to go any other place in search of dessert because that too is available at Inferno Shawarma. Enjoy the fluffiest waffles that are nice and crispy on the outside and have a beautiful golden brown exterior. Try the plain waffles or with toppings of strawberry, black currant, peanut butter, fruity, Nutella, blueberry, or cinnamon.

So if you have decided what you want to eat from Inferno Shawarma, then hurry up and order away. Visit the Cheetay website or just download the app, and refill your fridge with some delish food before your next food crisis hits.