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15 Ratings
  • Thora aukaat say bahir ho gay hain
  • Amazing taste as always and delivery on time with a lot of kindness
  • super fast food in Pakistan
  • Lahore Best Zinger nd Doner
  • Tasty pizza and super delicious fish burger
  • Lahore best zinger burger point
  • awesome food
  • Good Food , But no ketchup were included
  • A perfect menu with great taste. Great value for money
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Order Online at Ahmed Burger from Cheetay!

Ahmad Burger has a recipe ready for all food lovers. Whether you crave an English styled food, or delicious Desi meal to satisfy your taste buds, this restaurant is full of options. Order your style right away with Cheetay and get some hot, mouth-watering dishes set at your table! In case you wish to devour a mix of both cuisines at affordable rates, Ahmad burger will add a dash of excitement with its aromatic flavors.

Travel with Food

Do you think that food can take you to places? If you agree, then Ahmad Burger is the right choice for you. Its extensive menu gives foodies a tour from east to west. But what makes it original is the way it localizes the taste sensitivity. It also brings a food palate for those who wish to have their meal dominated with one type of ingredient. For instance, you could be a cheese lover who wants cheese drizzled over any of the burgers you order. A cheesy pizza from Ahmad Burger could be a real treat to the buds. Your food tour at its distinctive menu could take some time to decide what to leave and what to eat as you could get stuck in two different cookeries. This restaurant will not turn you away. Of course, Cheetay, your committed food delivery partner will get you anything you want and at any time you feel like.

Ingredients that you Desire

Ahmad Burger makes iconic fish burgers that relish your appetite. The fish is battered well enough to bring a crispy brown color on the outside with a soft flaky fish inside the fillet. The soft buns eaten together with mayo and fish bring an unforgettable exotic taste. The restaurant also serves heavenly toasted buns with grilled or fried chicken fillets stacked in a mix of freshly chopped vegetables. In case you think one little burger will not keep a corner of your stomach empty then fill yourself up with a range of jumbo burgers that double the add-ins. For those who like a variety of flavored vegetables with cheese in the Italian way can order a range of pizzas. It keeps this assortment indigenous by adding regional flavors such as Fajita, Bar B.Q, Hot & Spicy, Chapli Kebab, Seekh Kebab, Tikka, Tandoori and Afghani Tikka.

Cheetay - Just a click away to be Yours

With an array of crunchy and juicy chicken or fish burgers from the menu, you can also order some convenient lunch snacks from the side lines. These include nuggets, hot wings, hot shots and donors. You can make your meal a combination with chicken pieces, fish pieces and crispy fries along with cold fizzy drinks to win your friends and family over! So, order Ahmed Burger through Cheetay and enjoy a hassle free delivery.