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Exotic Shawarmas by Abu Shawarma!

Exotic Shawarmas by Abu Shawarma!

Who can resist a delicious shawarma? Lahore has some of the most amazing shawarma places and Abu Shawarma is considered to be the very best. Having a party and cannot figure out what to cook? Want to have a fun dinner or lunch with friends or family? Order shawarma online from this place for an authentic and exotic experience. Shawarma platters can be delivered from Cheetay at the click of a button. Just select your desired food items from the menu, you can choose to pay by card, or choose cash on delivery.


You can order the Chicken shawarma which includes the most delicious ingredients. The vegetables included are fresh and they are wrapped in toasty pita bread that is soft. The meat is slow cooked on a vertical spit which enhances its flavors. There is also an option to get the Chicken Cheese shawarma which is dripping with the best cheese you could ask for.


The Chicken Platter and Chicken Cheese Platters allow you to enjoy the shawarmas without getting annoyed about the food getting messy. The platters are extremely fulfilling and will enable you to get the full shawarma experience.

Exclusive Deals!

Cheetay brings you exclusive deals from Abu Shawarma only for their customers. You can now buy any 5 shawarmas and get the 6th one for free or buy any 4 platters and get the 5th one for free. Is this the most amazing deal or what?

Only the Best!

The thing that makes Abu Shawarma superior to other restaurants is their hygienic kitchen and affordable prices. You cannot go wrong with this. It gives you great value for money and they do not compromise on quality either. Most shawarma restaurants add their own desi touch to the recipes, but if you are looking for authentic Arabian food, then this is just the place for you. Now you can experience an entire culture through this food.

Cheetay - The Best Online Food Delivery Service in Lahore

Now you can order from Abu Shawarma and enjoy a hassle free delivery. It is a quick and healthy way of spending money on amazing food. Good food is only a click away! Go ahead, order some yummy items from the menu now! Cheetay allows you to enjoy food from a variety of restaurants without leaving the comfort and safety of your homes. You can even track your food when it leaves the restaurant, making this a safe and easy experience for you, like no other!