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  • worst pizza
  • Not good pizza
  • Pizza was OK
  • It says it delivers at defence view but it doesnt
  • Best pizza
  • I ordered opening deal in which I didn't get 6 pcs of chicken wings and pizza was too bad. thick bread with zero topping
  • yar delivery bht late thi pizza ka asal maza hi khtm hgya tha
  • Best Pizza (y)
  • I ordered 3 different flavours and i must say it was such a delicious experience, every thing about the pizza was perfect, the quality and amount of cheese and toping was great and the perfect dough and sauce made it completely delicious pizza. 5 out of 5???? Recommend ????
  • One of the best experience i have had when ordering a pizza. Timely delivery excellent taste delivered hot and fresh. if i get the same quality and service i'd still order it even in double price.
  • Cheese quality is very bad and also no salt chicken is like boil chicken
  • Good in the ratio of Rs.300 and delivery in 35 minute
  • good pizza
  • Good tast fast delivery
  • best price to quality ratio. worth it for rs 300 :)
  • bad taste..!
  • good pizza good flavor and good quality
  • Not recommended. Poor quality
  • Extremely poor quality... Wastage of Money i can't even feel the taste of cheese.. Meet quantity is too little.. Dough is not fresh even not properly baked... Worst pizza experience.. 100 rupe ka b na khae bnda esa pizza
  • tried 2nd time, socha k quality sahi ki hogi. likin 1st time se b zada bekar.. Bread bilkuul baasi type thi karak karak.. aur cheese quality b ghatya.. cheese choro bread hi sahi banana sekhlo -_-
  • had a very pleasant experience Staff was very courteous and understood how to deal with customers very well.
  • no pizza sauce. it looked like a baked roti with some pieces of chicken in it. no capsicum no onion no mushroom no black olives. all fake. a very bad experience
  • No 12 inches it was jst a bad experience for me. And Pizza look like a large arround 8 inches Pizza it's Fake.. advertisement.. I ordered for Fajita there was hardly any chicken pieces there in it.
  • Great
  • Ordered 2 Flavors Beef supremo And Malai Boti , in beef supremo i Found no beef but some hard jelly type thing but not beef at All . colored like beef taste unknown , we just eat Malai boti
  • Taste and quality both are excellent !!
  • tasty pizza and good service
  • excellent Pizza hot and cheese and on time delivered
  • Good facility
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