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  • Really surprised to see bad reviews. Even though i've visited the restaurant, it has good taste, fresh food, quick service, amazing ambiance. I've also availed 5 rupees burger deal. It was also fresh as i've payed full payment for it. If they have not delivered the burger then those must be either the requirement of that deal or of cheetay app. In short, if you want good taste in reasonable price then this place is highly recomended.
  • Very good service and freshly cooked food. The restaurant started awesome deal that Zinger Burger in only PKR 5, even though in just rupees 5 it was really delicious.
  • The restaurant has very good service, cooperative staff having smiling face. I'll highly recommend it.
  • The Best restaurant in the Town
  • Good taste
  • one of the best restaurant in toen
  • Great service having fresh food and delicious taste
  • poor service. order was ended by the them. why they put deal if they do not have delivery for it.
  • Extremely unprofessional behavior. Wouldn’t reccomend. 0/10
  • poor staff and management, dont know how to deal Customer, refused to give Order.
  • poor service, not giving orders even told them the order number, bad bad very bad, waste of time
  • Very delicious food.
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