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Tapas Restaurant, Islamabad on Cheetay presents the taste of Spain

Tapas is here to bring you the taste of Spain; where people sit with their family and friends over some tapas; finger food served with drinks. Tapas restaurant in Islamabad serve great Starters. The Crunchy Platter consists of Crispy Chicken Bites, Fried Fish, Stuffed Chicken Strips, and Fries served with a special sauce. It also has potato-based items like Patata Barava, a dish with fried potatoes drenched in a special sauce. Another variation of potato is Bombas Picante. It is a must-have Spanish appetizer made of mashed potato balls, filled with crispy chicken, served with French fries and topped with Bombas sauce. Cheetay brings you a restaurant that serves food from the land of football, dance and tangy food.

Savor the flavor of Spanish savories

Tapas restaurant menu offers tummy filling treats, like a classic crispy Chicken Zinger and a hearty Beef Burger for the meat lovers. For the sandwich lovers it has the Croque Madame Sandwich; a butter-toasted bread filled with chicken and couple slices of cheese oozing out, served with fries. You should even try their Spanish spin on pasta called Penne Picante; a pasta special with olives, capsicum and onions drowning in special Picante salsa sauce.

Order Tapas online from Cheetay

It is always fun trying out new things and we recommend Tapas restaurant delivery for your meals no matter where you are. You get to experience authentic flavors and a fresh palette for your taste buds with their exotic savory dishes. If you choose Tapas restaurant online order, you can indulge in flavorful Spanish food that will be freshly delivered to you by Cheetay.