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  • 3 times i ordered it and never got a fresh and a warm delivery ' everytime it come up cold
  • cowboy burger yummy taste hot and fresh 10/10
  • cowboy burger and frizza (Y)
  • Ordered on the 13th June afternoon, got notification of the order being cancelled by the restaurant an hour later. Without any justification. Sheer wastage of time!
  • got my order delivered on the second night of eid , burger was warm but the fries lacked a little salt. overall my experience was good and satisfied with the services.
  • bht hi ghtya pizza or zada tr deliver b nae krka jaty
  • I placed order at 4:20 pm 1-05-2019 And they are trying to delivering at 2:23 AM 2-05-2019 Jani what the fuck !
  • manager misbehave uneducated staff 3 ghantay rukhnay ka baad bi order ni mila aur misbehave kia restaurant ki management na
  • pathetic service my order delivery time was 10:30 yet its 11:34 pm but order isn't delivered yet .......
  • lalkurti
  • good
  • Fast service and quality food. Recommended
  • osm test
  • awesome taste
  • good dell
  • ???
  • Best taste.
  • cold drink with fries right no fries and order is also late
  • The service is very slow I placed my order at 4.30 and received it at 7.30 i took 3 hours to deliver my order
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Ranchers in Islamabad is here on Cheetay, Partner!

Rancher’s in Islamabad is the new sheriff in town (play cowboy music) and it’s here to claim its control over our taste buds. Cheetay is offering you some wicked deals and treats hailing from Rancher’s menu.

Yee Haw! Giddy up over to Rancher’s menu

Saddle up because you all are in for a treat with a delicious Rancher’s Frizza that has fries drenched in thick cheese and pizza sauce, topped with olives. You can also have pardner ye Frizza with Messy Wings that are juicy, crispy and finger licking good.

Rancher’s ‘Rootin’ Tootin’ Burgers

Rancher café also offers Rancher Burgers. There burgers are mighty, juicy succulent and tender all in one, and they are available in both chicken and beef. The Mighty Rodeo will amaze you because it is a stuffed cheese burger that when you bite into will ooze out cheese all over your burger. Then, there is the Rancher’s Big Bang Burger, that is a triple patty grilled chicken burger with layers of cheese, jalapenos and iceberg. But, the real Sheriff in town is known as the Rancher’s Butcher Burger. This is a double patty tantalizing beef burger, layered with cheese all the way till the end and merged with jalapenos Rancher’s sauce and onions. This burger is bound to cause food coma.

Wanted: Rancher’s Deals for Cheetay’s delivery

There are more Rancher’s deals, with its famous Texas jack, beef steak, Montana and Buffalo Bill burgers which you can make into a deal by adding fries and drink. These deals are affordable and Cheetay assures you it is a steal because it will have so much value for money! It also caters to your hunger needs and deliver your meals wherever you need them.