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Cheetay offering Munchies for your munchies

Munchies in Islamabad is here to curb your munching desires no matter the time or destination. Its menu is a treat for the hungry souls. There are mouth-watering deals for everyone. The kids for instance, has options from crunchy chicken nuggets and smileys to choose in the Munchies menu. A family on the other hand, has crispy Zinger Burgers, Roll Parathas and yummy Shawarmas, golden fried Fries and mouth-watering Biryani to devour. This is one of a feisty family deal!

Munchies Café’s Mighty Meals

Munchies Café order online has an assortment of Munchies Burgers ranging from crispy Zinger Burgers, hearty Beef Burgers, and succulent Chicken Burgers. You can even add fries and drinks and turn burgers into mighty meals. Cheetay will deliver all munchies to your desired destination and time wherever they may be.

Munch Specials Chahiye?

A desi fix for sandwiches like a tangy Chicken tandoori sandwich or a tantalizing, spicy Tikka Sandwich, Munch specials has delicious dishes for you to relish. Hop on the desi flavor wagon and get a taste of Roll Parathas; Jumbo Garlic Rolls and Malai Rolls. Or get the ultimate desi experience from their Chaat And Dahi Bhallay specials. The sight of crunchy, flaky Gol Gappay filled with aloo chana and dipped in imli sauce would make you drool. You will be asking for another plateful of Munchiies Dahi Bhallay, that is, deep- fried dough balls floating in savory yoghurt that is blended with spices.
With so much to offer, Munchies would have definitely triggered your impending desire to satiate your cravings for sweet and sour snacks. So, what are you waiting for? Order now on Cheetay and delve into an ocean of great flavours!