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  • fazool
  • A lot of local brands have better chicken and beef burgers than this place and it takes them almost 3 hours to deliver and sometimes they won't even deliver.
  • Very bad service
  • Worst service ever , will never use cheetay again , 0 star for them
  • Took my food more than 2 hours to arrive. I had to call cheetay to hear them say my order was delayed due to high volume of orders. You should have at least notified me that my order was gonna be delayed by more than 2 hours. Even my drinks came wrong (Coke instead of Fanta).
  • Very pathetic service of cheeta and their team also Macdonald. They didn't delivered the food and keep their customers on a wait.. Don't use their service.
  • Mcdonalds did not deliver my food and takes more than hour .really pathetic service.Zero Star i would like to give
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