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  • My overall experience is good. taste is good.
  • The food is okay
  • They took 3 hours to deliver my order
  • Loved the pizza naan. Fresh food.
  • Worst experience ever. Took them 3 hours to deliver my food and it tasted so not fresh. Not ordering from here again.
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Maro Tandoors Islamabad opens Tan-doors for Delivery

You have come to the right place if you want to try a different menu. Cheetay is bringing something new your way. You might have tried naans the usual way but seeing what Maro Tandoor Menu has to offer will give new found love for tandoor naans.

Maro Tandoor Menu offers Tandoori Goodness

Combo deals that offer both of best worlds; sweet and savory, is always an appealing option. Maro tandoor online order offer Deals like Pizza Naan with Baby Nutella Naan. Steaming cheesy pizza naan with a side of creamy luscious Nutella naan; this combo is a classic go-to for any first timers.

Maro Tandoor’s Superstar Naans are a Must-have

Maro Tandoor is known best for their fusion flavors, both the traditional and Vailayti way. Their traditional range offers new desi flavors like Rajasthani Handi naan; a scrumpcious, buttery chicken handi filled naan. They also have Haleem and Nihari naan; these flavors are a dream come true for desi lovers. For others the Vilayti options also have tempting flavors like smoking Bar B. Q. Teriyaki and sizzling Spicy Moroccon Naan. You can wipe that drool off your face, and order from Cheetay right away.

Straight from tandoor Cheetay brings Food to Table

Maro Tandoors delivery through Cheetay’s app and website will ensure you get your tandoori naans hot and steaming. It is always good to experience new things especially if the food is super innovative. Decide what you want to order because Cheetay is waiting by the tandoors to fetch your food.