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Cheetay brings you Something Juicy & Grill-ed

Juicy Grill located in Islamabad bringing you great burgers, sandwiches, steaks and lip-smacking pastas. Scroll through the menu to find scrumptious food that you can binge on while watching Netflix, cramming an entire semester worth courses a night before exams; or if you are with your friends doing group studies. Cheetay will bring you the food at any location that you want.

Satiate your big appetite!

Go straight to the Juicy Grill Menu that offers a range of starters and sidelines like juicy Chicken Wings, crispy Chicken Strips, and perfectly baked Garlic Bread. Get Pasta such as classic Fettucine, creamy Penne with Chicken Mushroom and Chicken Cheese Macaroni and eat along with these delicious appetizers. If you want to have something healthy, light yet fulfilling, order a range of Sandwiches and Paninis. These can be Tikka Sandwiches and Chicken or Beef Jalapeno Panini.

The charcoaled, succulent Juicy Grill Burgers are worth trying. These are bound to put you under a burger infused spell. You can choose from multiple burger options, from fiery Jalapeno and creamy mushroom to good old delicious steak burger. If you are daring enough, then try something fiery from their sizzling selection of Spicy Buffalo Beef Burger and Mexican Burger.

What is holding you back? Order from Cheetay!

When there is so much at your disposal that can put you in a food induced spell, the only step left to take is deciding what you want and instantly ordering from Juicy Grill delivery. Cheetay will be more than glad to serve and bring you anything you need to curb to hunger.