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Order Online from Foot Path ki Baat at Cheetay!

Footpath Ki Baat in Islamabad is a quirky roadside café that is now offering its scrumptious, twisted food online. It is crucial that you experience warm, locally cooked food that is both wholesome and easy on the pocket. Instead of going out you can order from the Footpath Ki Baat menu through Cheetay website or app, and have a quirky food experience at your desired destination.

Footpath Ki Baat menu will tickle your taste buds

Searching for desi style food that consists of burgers, wraps, fries and a special section for drinks? Look no further! Start off with the Aghaaz Karo section and get your hands on juicy, succulent zinger burgers which you can make even more appetizing with sauces such as BBQ, Chipotle, Garlic and Extreme. To make them Mazeed Behtareen you can add on cheese, bacon, jalapenos and mushrooms to your food. If you want even more than this, then make them Sab se Behtareen with drinks, fries, or their special Loaded fries. The essence of quirkiness is actually highlighted in the Footpath Ki Baat menu’s special drinks. These beverages have titles that are not just fun for reading but also to quench your thirst. Flavors like Shahzadi which is a blend of coconut milk and ice cream. Then there is Gulabo; which is a blend of strawberry with Raspberry, tangy and sweet all in one. They also have seasonal favorites like Basanti which is a fusion of Mango with Strawberry. Haryali is another option not to be missed as it has a classic blend of mint margherita to it.

Cheetay will bring Footpath Ki Baat to your doorstep

Once you have decided what you want to devour, order Footpath Ki Baat online on Cheetay and delve into the twisted roadside food like never before!