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  • It taste good..
  • I ordered your world cup deal from cheety. The quantity of chow maain is not enough even for a single person. If u providing a deal u should not compromise on quantity as well. At least it should be enough for a single person.
  • Good homemade food with suitable price
  • The chowmein was good in taste, but no chicken. The quantity too was very less. The brownie was good
  • perfect taste
  • Super rude guy on the phone and they haven't mentioned anything like the serving size is super small in these deals. It would be nice to mention explicitly that the portions are SMALL and not their usual serving size, be it brownie, chowmein or anything. Customer service needs to improve drastically.
  • consistent!
  • on time and perfect taste
  • Average in taste and it's serving for one person their delivery boy didn't even return my money saying I'll come back and return you really disappointed
  • PLEASE MENTION WITH YOUR DEALS THAT EVERYTHING IS SUPER MINI SIZE! I ordered two deals and believe me it wasnt even enough for ONE person! Extremly disappointed.
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