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  • don't order anything from this restraunt, the whole staff of this joint lies. Took them 2hrs to respond when i called them and they lied that the delivery was made within 20 mins.
  • Avg taste, slow delivery
  • I ordered roll paratha and grilled shawarma. It is worst. too much ketchup
  • Worst pizza ever.
  • need the fix this burger fix... there total 8 fries with delish ketchup. never heard of this brand, quality compromised on sachets. burger was dry as a bone, although it was a beef grilled but literally it needed soft drink push to get it through. big room for improvement.
  • Very good taste. must try it.
  • The taste of the burgers was quite good comparable to other burger which are selling atleast at double rate. Satisfied A must try????
  • pathetic service....very disappointed
  • when inquired that there are two fries in the cheetah deal.the waiter straightforwardly said NO ITS ONE FRIES ONLY IN THE DEAL. burgers are okayish....overall experience average
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