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Looking for some O-T-C medicines for your new born or 13 years old child? You must have diagnosed what the issue or disease is then. It could either be seasonal allergy such as a skin rash, cough and flu or gas in the GI tract. Cheetay has all the medicines that you could want on its online store so go on and buy your needed products online.

Infants need more care than growing children as they only cry when they are in pain. They can have common issues such as skin conditions, eye problems, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, infections, flu and fever. They get sick much faster than children and adults. Over the counter baby medicines are mostly those that have been previously recommended by doctors. These include suspensions, drops, powder and syrups.

Forms of Children Medicines

Suspensions are liquids that do not completely dissolve with a solution while drops are liquid medicines that can mix easily in water, formula or even milk to be given to babies. Suspensions such as Ibuprofen/brufen, Calpol, Arinac and Febrol are given for relieve pain conditions such as mild to moderate muscle pain, headache, backache, earache, dental pain, influenza and fever. Cough and flu with watery eyes, itching and sneezing are the most common occurrences in Children. For growing children, teething is a huge issue as the gums are sore and they try to chew everything including their favorite toys. Tender and irritable gums can cause fever and pain. Therefore, cough remedies for kids are mostly available in the O-T-C market. These usually include syrups or elixirs for instant relief.

Drops on the other hand, are mainly used for colic conditions to release trapped wind. Research suggests that around 20% of the babies develop colic problems that make them very uncomfortable. As a result they have a high pitched “colic cry” that comes with distinct sound. Both suspensions and drops treat children of different ages starting from 2 months to 6 years and over 3 months to 12 years. Most of the parents use citrus powder for stomach and digestive tract system. These are usually probiotics that help support immune system of kids, and bring a balance to gastrointestinal tract.

O-T-C Remedies for kids

Even though over the counter medicines are safe, parents should still get advised by the doctor as all medicines have side effects. They could cause nausea, dizziness, GI tract bleeding. Also, you might give your child more than one medicine at a time for the same cause. Sometimes a medicine might change the way a child’s body spreads, processes and absorbs another medicine. If the doctor prescribes the same medicines every time then look for them in the O-T-C medicine at Cheetay- your online healthcare partner.

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