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Everything Is F*cked : A Book About Hope
PKR 1,095
The Line of Control: Travelling with the Indian and Pakistani Armies
PKR 1,095
The Secret World: A History of Intelligence
PKR 4,095
The Sun Is Also A Star
PKR 895
Industrial Organization Competition Strategy And Policy 4/E (Pb)
PKR 10,258
Photography Reborn Image Making In The Digital Era (Pb)
PKR 2,373
The Encyclopedia Of Allergies 2/E (Hb)
PKR 2,212
War Contemporary Perspectives On Armed Conflicts Around The World (Pb)
PKR 6,411
Foot And Ankle Disorders:Tricks Of The Trade (Pb)
PKR 9,732
Measurement And Assessment In Teaching 9/E (Pb)
PKR 1,313
Spectroscopic Measurement An Introduction To The Fundamentals (Hb)
PKR 14,888
Powder Technology (Hb)
PKR 19,301
Vegetables And Vegetable Products (Hb)
PKR 4,232
Wine Analysis (Hb)
PKR 4,232
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Hb)
PKR 4,232
Microbes,Man And Animals: The Natural History Of Microbial Interactions (Hb)
PKR 16,996
Vertebrate Biology 2/E (Hb)
PKR 14,493
Microfluid Mechanics Principles And Modeling (Hb)
PKR 21,739
Brand Washed Tricks Companies Use To Manipulate Our Minds And Persuade Us To Buy (Pb)
PKR 1,000
The London Hanged: Crime And Civil Society In The Eighteenth Century (Pb)
PKR 3,289
Business Studies A To Z 6/E (Pb)
PKR 1,000
A-Z Handbook Business Studies 6/E (Pb)
PKR 2,563
Real Estate Principles A Value Approach 4/E (Hb)
PKR 7,674
Step-Up To Obstetrics And Gynecology (Pb)
PKR 6,191


Books take their readers to a magical place. They are an escape for most people; an escape from all the stress and wrongdoings in the world. There are a lot of bookstores in Pakistan but who has the time to go out and shop anymore? Cheetay brings you the best-selling books from the entire world in one online marketplace.

World Famous Authors!

Novels by renowned authors such as David Levithan, Stephen King, Sarim Baig, J.K. Rowling, Jay Asher, Angie Thomas and many more, are stocked on our website. Now you can purchase award winning novels like the Harry Potter series, The Hate U Give, Charlotte, The Mortal Coil et cetera.

We have it all!

Whatever genre you require, we have it! From fiction to non-fiction. We stock psychological, science fiction, young adult novels, along with books on history and the social sciences.

You can choose whatever book you want with just a click of a button. Whether they are classics like Dracula by Bram Stoker and The Complete Alice in Wonderland series by Lewis Carrol or new teen fiction like Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, we have it all.

Enhance Your Child’s Mind

You can even access children’s books to teach your child the importance and the benefits of the wonderful aspect of reading. It has a lot of advantages like enhancing brain activity and improving concentration levels, sharpening your mind and honing your own writing abilities. Whether its fiction like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney or a book teaching them nursery rhymes, you can count on Cheetay to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Check out the Cheetay’s Pick of the Month to find out what the hottest books of the month are. Whether it is an autobiography, science fiction, business & money, literature & fiction, music, crime, islamic, teen and young adult. We have in stock something for everybody.

Any Requests?

Want to read something that is not in stock yet? Well, do not fret! Now you can send in your requests and we will order the book for you. Paperbacks, Hardcovers and other stationery, we got them all! Now you can sit on your cozy sofa, or travel with your novels and relish in the wonderful smell of new books.

Discover New Worlds!

Books provide you with the opportunity to travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home. It is an exercise for your mind and it does not matter how old you are or what gender you are, books can become your best friends and make you very happy.

Calling All Bookworms!

So, all you bookworms get ready to purchase books with convenience. Choose from a wide variety of titles and your desired book will be delivered right at your doorstep. Benefit from cash on delivery feature and a quick delivery system. We assure that you will not be disappointed. Cheetay prides itself on providing top quality service to its customers and to take away all your worries!

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