Women Matter

We really take for granted being a woman in this country. We should try looking at the world from their shoes. Just imagine for a day you're a woman and see how the world treats you differently. You'll be bombarded with ghastly stares, wandering eyes, judgmental scoffs, unwarranted jests, demeaning jibes, and a whole lot more. Those who are brave enough to take a stand are branded as feminists, as if it holds the same merit as being a fundamental extremist. There's such a stigma attached to being a feminist these days isn't it?

Well, we should give empathy a chance, shouldn't we? It won't be too hard, right? The men of our country should herald in the change, how about that. Let us give our women a chance and cut them some slack. Let us use our religion as a force to empower not preclude, embolden not demean and support the cause. It is incumbent on us all to change the wrongs society has deemed acceptable and fight for what is right.

We don't generally take the somber route, but on this day we felt that it was necessary to highlight issues women face and talk about them. For us, women matter. We should not only believe but strive to make our society more accepting, tolerant and encouraging. Let us hope to make a society where women proudly say ME TOO! Where using it is equivalent to using a slogan of emancipation and empowerment rather than exclusion and obstruction.

From us at Cheetay, we want you all to know that you matter and we believe in you!