Top 5 Restaurants In DHA You Should Try This Week

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If you live in DHA and want to eat out, but don't know where to order your food from, then let us help you. No need to waste time on deciding on a restaurant because your time is precious. Leave that to us and all you have to do is enjoy the food.

  1. Rina's Kitchenette
    For the heartiest meals and the most scrumptious desserts, order from Rina's Kitchenette.
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  2. Yum
    If you are in the mood for some delicious Chinese or Thai Cuisine, then Yum is the place to be.
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  3. OPTP
    Don't feel like cooking today? Does the idea of having mouth-watering garlic mayo fries, a delectable burger or a wholesome sandwich excite you? Yes? Then order right now from OPTP!
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  4. Outpost BYOB
    If you like to have complete control over your food, then BYOB is perfect for you. Choose everything that goes into a burger and make it your own.
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  5. Gourmet Grill
    You will definitely get spoiled for choice at Gourmet Grill. There are so many great options available at the most reasonable prices. Certainly a good value for your money.
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