Staying In Is The New Going Out

Photo Source: Daily Mirror
Sure, going out is fun and everything but once in a while, staying in can be better than going out. I am sure most of you would disagree with me on this but just hear me out. There are certain things you can't do when you're out like the ones I have listed below.

  1. You won't have to make the effort of getting dressed or putting on a face, since you can stay in your PJs the entire night. #EmbraceTheUgliness
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  2. You won't have to socialize! (Small talk is EVIL)
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  3. You can save money! Let's be real, the minute we step out of the house, cash starts disappearing! I mean, what is this sorcery?
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  4. You can order in all the food you want to eat, and no one will judge you. #score
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  5. You can stalk people on Facebook. wink wink (Nobody admits it, but everyone does it)
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  6. You can watch all those funny cat videos on Youtube that you normally don't get time to watch.
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  7. You won't have to drive! I mean, have you seen the traffic lately? One word, INSANE!
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  8. You can be your weird self at home because no one's judging. Everyone is secretly weird. (and some not-so-secretly)
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