Protect Your Teeth and Gums for a Healthy Smile


While we are always worried about looking sharp and smart, little care do we take of our gums and teeth. We all want that pretty bright smile, but we are least bothered to make it happen. Here is why oral health is so important!

What we need to understand at the basic level is the fact that oral health is way beyond just brushing. You mostly need to understand your own oral needs. For example, all other body conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer treatments and even pregnancy have a serious impact on the oral health. You must, therefore, be aware of which medicine impacts your dental health and how.

Secondly, you must develop and strictly follow a daily oral health care routine. Again, this is not just brushing, but also involves flossing and using mouth wash. You should brush your teeth twice, for at least two minutes, in circular motion, and you should at least floss once daily. If not done, plaque will accumulate on the teeth and combine with sugars from the food to form acids which will then lead to tooth decay. Order oral health products here.

Thirdly, you must eat a balanced and healthy diet, with fewer sugar and starch, and also limit snacking. You must avoid tobacco products, because they are a major factor leading to increased risk of oral cancer, cancer of the larynx and esophagus, bad breath, tooth discoloration, and many other gum diseases. In case you are really addicted and cannot forgo the habit, then make sure you use a smoker's toothpaste and fluoride rich mouth wash and rinses, to avoid maximum damage to your teeth and gum.

And more importantly, you must regularly visit your dentist to keep a track of your oral hygiene. Ideally this should be done twice a year, but you can always set a convenient time schedule with your dentist who always knows how many visits should be adequate.

Make sure you protect your teeth and gums, for a healthy and happy smile!