Munib Nawaz's Top 10 Must Reads

When you hear the word Fashion, your mind conjures up eclectic images of flamboyant colors, opulent dresses and chic models clad in attire that makes you swoon! You think about the best suits, trousers and shirts that make you look debonair! Thinking about designers, the general opinion is that reading or engaging in intellectual pursuits is alien to them. One thing is for sure, we should not mistake the veneer of pomp and gaiety for shallowness and frivolity. Munib Nawaz is an established name and an auteur in the field of fashion and designing. Being one of the pioneer designers who specializes solely in men's wear, his brand is recognisable by his eclectic and contemporary motifs and strikingly suave silhouettes. "I have always found solace in reading since it whisks you away from the reality you live in and all the day to day mundane problems and matters you're swarmed with. You need a fresh take on life and to get that peace of mind, I resort to books for introspection and to get a different perspective on life. For me reading can never lose its allure so I always try to read something before I go to bed every day. It even helps me in refining my craft since you get to know so much about different cultures, the world and how clothing affects your personality and confidence".

  1. Karachi You're Killing Me
    As someone who is also deeply associated with Karachi, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Set to a background marred by chaos we see the city through the eyes of a 20-something woman trying to navigate through a normal life. A book heavy on satire, it is a must read indeed.

  2. Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique
    To revive figure making, a unique form of art, Anna Kiper came up with simple steps to make some very striking compositions. For all those who just entered the world of art or those who are struggling to improve their drawing skills, this book helps them explore their passion by showing them paths leading to a variety of mediums.

  3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
    Joseph Murphy talks about changing beliefs and learning powerful techniques to achieve the impossible. He forms positive thinking in the minds of the readers and illustrates an unbreakable bond of their thoughts with the standard of living.

  4. Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone
    In this book, Brown talks about true belonging that helps the readers to champion uncertainty and criticize themselves. It talks about how culture demands perfection and makes it impossible to live in civility. It says that the best people are those who understand their purpose, commit to themselves and live in integrity.

  5. Living Brands: Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Satisfaction
    To understand how to bring brands to life, it is important to understand consumer expectation towards brands. Raymond, in this book, explains how marketers can have various ways of creating an in-depth relation with the customers without having to do focus groups.

  6. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Difference
    Rapid change can only take place when new ideas, attitudes and trends redefine standards every now and then. This book is about the power of society and perspectives that makes one look below the surface and understand the root causes to create a better impact.

  7. God: A Human History
    Religion has always been a key component of my life and an intriguing topic beyond just a study of Islam. I found this book interesting. Nothing is more central to most religions than a concept of God or a higher power and how people from every religion try to humanise the concept of a higher power to make it relatable. A great read for anyone interested in the evolution of the concept of God and religion through the ages.

  8. Start with Why
    Success in business is sometimes a question of seemingly abstract factors determining whether you make it or not. History is filled with examples of seemingly indestructible businesses with bags of money and countless resources failing eventually. This book goes a long way by quoting examples of great companies, built around great people achieving success and then falling by the wayside once those individuals exited. An excellent read on why things work or don't.

  9. The Great Gatsby
    This is a tale set in the 1920s, an era that always fascinates in terms based on the life of the great achievements of the mysteriously wealthy Gatsby. It shows that the past is impossible to recapture and that the future is never in the hands of one person. The readers are shown how complicated the world is and how hard it is to take back what is lost.

  10. Forty Rules of Love
    Rumi's poetry is always a great source of food for thought and in this book, you find a structured and easy to understand story highlighting Sufism through contemporary life and historical context. An excellent book for anyone interested in understanding concepts and teachings that are likely to be enriching.