Meet The People Behind Grans

Photo Source: Facebook
Have you ever wondered if anything is completely pure and organic? If yes, then you are not alone. We cannot really trust anyone these days because a lot of brands are using "organic and pure" as a marketing gimmick. That is why we need brands that we can trust and this is where Grans comes in. So if you're looking for products that are 100% organic, then Grans is the brand for you. Their mission is, "to bring good by bringing good food back to your table". They started this venture by realising that there is a need for chemical free food since almost everything that is available on the market is unhealthy with tons of preservatives.
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely couple Hunana and Mansoor who gave us all the insights on Grans.

  1. Tell us something about your background?
    Mansoor: I belong to a village in Charsadda which is a district of Peshawar. Our agricultural land is very fertile because River Swat touches the fields. The main crops are Sugar cane, Maize flour, Beetroot, and sometimes Cotton. Since our food in the village is organic and pure, we thought about bringing the same to the city. The name Grans is a Pashto word that means beloved. The philosophy behind keeping this name is that we believe if you love your family, you want to give them good food.
    Hunana: I am from Lahore and Mansoor is from KPK, but we reside in Lahore. So whenever we used to visit the village in Swat, we always thought about the unhealthy food that we ate in the city. Therefore, we decided to bring the organic food from our village to the city and that is how Grans came into being.

  2. What are Grans' best selling products?
    Mansoor: Our best selling products are Dry Fruits Gurr, Desi Ghee, Desi Gurr, Honey, Peshawari Kehwa, and Maize Flour.

  3. Who are your competitors?
    Mansoor: Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their health and are gradually diverting towards organic food. Currently there are a few organic brands in the market but as consumer awareness increases, more brands are popping up. Since we have a number of different products, we don't have a direct competitor that sells all these products. For instance, there is no one in the market that sells organic Gurr. The Gurr that is available is white in colour. This means that it has been treated chemically. Organic Gurr is of a darker shade. We also offer the crushed form of Gurr and it is crushed at home. There is a special nutty Gurr available too. Peshawari Kehwa is not widely available in the market either. So we don't have any competitor that sells Peshawari Kehwa. This Kehwa is originally from Brazil but the reason it is called Peshawari Kehwa is because it is commonly consumed in that region.

  4. What makes your brand different from others?
    Mansoor: Firstly, we offer variety. You won't find any other brand in the market that offers all these products collectively. Our competitive edge is that we have our own fields and farms, so there is no stock limitation. The one problem that we have realised is that the customers are not knowledgeable in this regard so they can't tell the difference between real processed. For instance, our desi ghee is relatively expensive as compared to other variations available on the market because it is 100 percent pure. Since Desi Ghee is made from milk, it is vital that the milk is completely pure. The feed of the cows is a major contributing factor towards the purity of the milk. Also, the happier and stronger the animal, the better will be its milk. Since these animals are used to climbing mountains, they are stronger than the cows found in flat regions.

  5. What is Grans' target market?
    Hunana: Everyone who is health conscious and all those who love their family. Apart from this, newly weds, young mothers who are concerned about their kids, and senior citizens who realise the importance of incorporating organic food in their diet.
    Mansoor: If we talk about areas, then people residing in posh areas like DHA, Gulberg, and Bahria are our target market. We also want to target pregnant women and youngsters who are not fully aware of the health benefits of organic food.

  6. What are Grans' expansion plans?
    Mansoor: Since we deal in specialties, we want to explore more products from these regions and bring to the city. We also want to make our products available on more outlets through out Lahore. Currently you can find Grans' products at Fresh Store, The Organic Shop, Rainbow Cash n Carry, and Health Hut in Model Town. We also want to deliver our products throughout Lahore.

  7. How do you think partnership with Cheetay will help Grans?
    Mansoor: First and foremost, Cheetay will be our main delivery partner. Since Hunana and I both work, it is difficult for us to deliver the products ourselves. Through Cheetay's delivery service, our product reach will increase. Partnership with Cheetay will also help with the marketing of our brand. So we look forward to our collaboration.

Thank you for your time Hunana and Mansoor. It was a pleasure meeting you both.