Medical Tests You Must Regularly Get Done

In today's day and age, each one of us is surrounded by serious health issues. It can be attributable to the rising trend of fad diets and unhealthy eating choices or our unhealthy lifestyle in general. We must therefore be vigilant enough about our health. Here is a list of the most important medical tests that you much regularly get done.

  1. Blood pressure
    Blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart problems, including heart attacks, strokes and even heart failures. Studies suggest that one in every five individuals suffer from hypertension. What remains imperative is that high blood pressure does not typically reflect any symptoms which makes it even more dangerous. So it is advisable that you get this test regularly done, especially if you have a family history of hypertension.

  2. Blood sugar
    Again, owing to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, many of us suffer from unmanaged blood sugar levels, adding to the already soaring levels of diabetics. The rising trend of junk food and high calorie sugary foods is a major reason behind escalating diabetic patients. Hence, it is highly advisable that you regularly monitor your blood sugar levels and take appropriate prophylactic measures before you reach the borderline.

  3. Cholesterol
    While most of us do not consider cholesterol testing an important thing, we still need to understand that high cholesterol level is a leading factor behind many other much serious health issues including heart attacks. Alarmingly enough, even derailed cholesterol levels do not show any symptoms in majority of the patients, which is essentially why it is advisable to regularly get this test done.

  4. Mammogram
    We all know that tumours have become much more common these days. Getting a mammogram done can help detect breast cancer at a much early stage, much before the cancerous cells can cause significant damage to your body, and even before you can feel the lump by yourself. Annual mammograms, particularly starting at the age of 40, is highly advisable for all the females, especially if there is someone in the family who has suffered from this ailment.

Blood pressure and blood sugar levels can also be measured at home with devices that can be easily bought. You can easily order yourself these devices from Cheetay Healthcare.