• When You Get a Badtameez Waiter

    Having a person wait on you hand and foot, listening to your incessant jabbering about the order being the perfect balance of "garam" and a condescension riddled monologue articulating to the waiter what "chicken parmesan" is, is painful for anyone to listen to. So the waiter has to listen with …

  • Meals Under PKR 1000

    The heart wants what it wants! And it wants FOOD! So it's time to celebrate your love for food and we are here to help you do that. Don't worry, it's super pocket friendly. Here is a list of all the meals under PKR 1000.

    1. Waqas Biryani
      The infamous Waqas …

  • Wedding Khaba

    I'll get straight to the point here, there's no need to sway from the real issue at hand. We all surely go to weddings to enjoy the matrimonial bliss of the lovely couple and so on (yeah yeah we're all very happy for them) but what really interests us (you …

  • Birthday Month Deals

    It's our BIRTHDAY and we just turned 3! On our birthday, we have a present for our favourite Cheetahs! We're giving you PKR 200 OFF on the below mentioned restaurants so you can celebrate the Cheetay Birthday by having a feast! So pick up your phones and place your orders …